We teach English using our own highly effective and proven techniques.

The learner is placed in an immersion environment which works through the exclusion of his or her native language and replaces it with that of the language being taught. This creates a situation which forces the learner to start using the language actively.

With our younger learners

we use a huge diversity of activities to encourage learning, which creates a situation where the child is not necessarily even aware that a new language is actively being taught. This leads to a much more natural and effective way of learning.

Some of the activities we include are:

Arts and craft
  • painting
  • printing
  • drawing
  • creating
  • constructing
  • sculpting and creation of sensory materials such as playdough and kinetic sand using our own child friendly recipes.

We have a vast library of ideas to utilize due to our artistic backgrounds and many years of experience.


We try to cook mainly English and international dishes to broaden the child's culinary experience as well as their vocabulary. The child can take the dish home at the end of the lesson, though they don't usually last the journey home!!


We use games and physical activities as a tool to engage young learners, from gym activities to teach verbs to traditional English party games such as piggy in the middle, egg and spoon races and musical chairs to introduce and practice the language in as fun a way as possible.


(science, technology, engineering, maths)

We make simple experiments, build models and perform problem solving activities as a way of engaging young learners minds and encouraging an active use of the language.

For older children and young adults

we use more traditional techniques combined with a lexical and collocation based approach. This can work with even the most difficult grammar making the learning experience feel natural and engaging.

Our greatest advantage is our emphasis on
  • conversation,
  • fluency,
  • pronunciation
  • active use of the language.

Our young adult's lessons are conducted by a native speaking teacher.
For our older children's lessons  A1- B1 we provide two teachers- a native and a bilingual teacher.